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Mitake Information Center

Mitake, which serves as the entrance to Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, is a popular destination for visitors. Visitors to our area enjoy not only hiking, but also visiting facilities such as our art museum, or taking walks along the Tama River.


  • Hours:
    8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Closed on:
    • Mondays (except for weeks in which Monday is a national holiday or a Tokyo prefectural holiday, in which case the visitor center will be open on Monday and closed on Tuesday)
    • New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)
  • Entrance fee:
  • Location:
    332 Mitake Hon-cho, Ome-shi, Tokyo 198-0173
  • Facilities:
    The information center is a two-story building. It contains an exhibition room and a rest area.
  • Access:
    Take the JR train lines to Mitake Station. The information center is located right by the station (a 0-minute walk).

Facilities and Activities

Main Facilities

The information center provides the following regular exhibits:

  • Guide to Kanto Fureai no Michi (Kanto Friendship Trails)
    We provide information about not only the trails in Tokyo, but also the trails in the surrounding prefectures.
  • Guide to nearby hiking trails
    We provide information about tourism facilities and about the plants and animals of Okutama.

Other Services

We provide the following pamphlets:

  • Kanto Fureai no Michi (Tokyo trails)
  • Other pamphlets

Requests to Our Visitors

We ask that our visitors stay on their best behavior in order to protect the beautiful nature around our information center. Note that some areas have activity restrictions, and be sure to observe any restrictions that apply.

  • Please take any garbage back to your home or hotel to dispose of it.
  • Please take care that your actions do not impede the enjoyment of others.
  • Finally, please take care not to harm the flowers, plants, and animals.


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