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History of Metropolitan Takiyama Natural Park

The Takiyama area, where Senjyoujiki and Shinano Yashikiato remain, serves as an important focal point for the historical folklore of the Warring States Era. The Takiyama Castle ruins, a Japanese national historic site, are one of the best-known medieval-era castle ruins. This castle was considered a hilltop castle because it was built on top of a hill. It made use of the natural contours of the land, and contained a moat and earthworks. The Takiyama Castle ruins were selected for inclusion in Japan's100 Best Castles Second series in April 6th, 2017. Metropolitan Takiyama Natural Park was designated a Metropolitan Natural Park in 1950.

Japanese pottery excavated from the ruins

January 2 and 3: Daruma Doll Market

One Tokyo’s famous products is a type of daruma doll called “Tama-daruma dolls,” which are produced in the Tama area. Daruma dolls are traditional Japanese whishing dolls. When you buy the doll, its eyes are blank. People fill in one of the eyes when they make their wish, and give the daruma its other eye in thanks when the wish is granted. The daruma dolls that are made this year will be sold at next year’s Daruma Doll Market. These markets are held in January, primarily in the following places: Unryuji-temple (Hachioji City), Haijima-daishi-tample (Akishima City), the area around Ome Station (Ome City), and Takahatafudoson Kongoji-temple (Hino City). When you face frustration in pursuits of your goals, just take a look at a daruma doll, which will always right itself even if it is tipped over. It will remind you that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and you can brush yourself off and move forward.

Daruma Doll Market

April: Cherry Blossom Festival of Takiyama Castle Ruins

The Takiyama Castle ruins, a Japanese national historic site, is located on a hill at an elevation of 160 meters (525 feet). The Takiyama cherry blossom viewing forest is one of the most famous sites for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo. Cherry Blossom Festival of Takiyama Castle Ruins, which is an annual festival, has been held every year for half a century. Local entertainment, an open-air tea ceremony, and vocal performances are presented on a stage underneath the cherry trees, and many attendees make the festival lively. This is a very famous site because of the 5000 cherry trees that cover the slopes with their blossoms.

Cherry Blossom Festival of Takiyama Castle Ruins

May and October: Takiyama Castle Ruins Walk Tour

The Takiyama Castle ruins walk tour is a tour on which visitors can enjoy Kasumi, the area that served as the castle town around Takiyama Castle, the castle ruins, and bountiful nature such as the 5000 cherry trees that are planted in the area. Members of historical clubs wear armor and guide guests from Michinoeki Hachijouji Takiyama to the Takiyama Castle ruins. This tour is held in May and October, and you can fully enjoy the new green leaves in May and the autumn foliage of Kasumi Hill in October. The tour may be canceled due to inclement weather.

Takiyama Castle ruins


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