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Features of Hinohara and Akiruno

A Treasure Trove of Nature Surrounded by Forests, Where if You Listen Closely You Can Hear the Breath of Nature

The village of Hinohara occupies an area of 105 square kilometers (40.5 square miles). The area around the village is surrounded by steep mountains, and about 93% of the village land is forest land, with very little flat land in the village. The majority of Hinohara Village is a part of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park. A mountain ridge with an altitude of 900-1,000 meters (2,953-3,281 feet) runs east to west through the middle of the village, and the Kitaakigawa River and the Minamiakigawa River run along either side of the ridge. Settlements dot the riversides, and the surrounding area is rich with green. The city of Akiruno is encircled by the Akigawa River and the Hiraigawa River, and consists of flat areas framed by the Akigawa Hills and the Kusabana Hills, and mountainous areas through which the mountains of Okutama lead. The Akigawa Gorge area of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park is located in Akiruno.

Mt. Otake


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