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Notices of Road Closings

Mt. Takao Hiking and Nature Trails

Work is currently being performed on the hiking trails on Mt. Takao to prevent accidents due to falling rocks. For this reason, one of the nature research trails, Trail No. 6, will be closed.

  • Road closure period:
    August 31, 2017 to September 30, 2017 (scheduled)
  • Alternate routes:
    Please use the Inariyama hiking trail, or Trails No. 1, 2, or 3.

Note that the road closure period and alternate routes might be changed to accommodate actual work conditions. Before visiting, please check Takao Visitor Center's website.

Mt. Kawanori Forestry Road

Mt. Kawanori Forestry Road is currently closed because of rocks falling at a location approximately 700 meters from the gate of Mt. Kawanori Forestry Road (closer to the Kawanori bus stop than Hosokura Bridge). We will include information about the road reopening when such information becomes available.

Mt. Kawanori Forestry Road1

Mt. Kawanori Forestry Road2

Start of the POCARI SWEAT & TOKYO Project

In collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., has launched the POCARI SWEAT & TOKYO Project, which aims to support volunteer activities in natural parks, to maintain and improve the health of Tokyo residents, and to promote sports and education.


Do Not Leave Personal Belongings or Food in Emergency Shelters or Other Facilities

The emergency shelters and restrooms in our natural parks are public facilities. Please do not leave personal belongings (such as hiking gear or food) in these facilities. If you think you might have left personal belongings in one of our facilities, please come to retrieve them. Note that items that remain unclaimed for an extended period of time will be disposed of by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
We ask for your cooperation in this matter so that all visitors to the park can have a more enjoyable and comfortable experience.


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Announcements Related to Natural Parks

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