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Tokyo has a great deal of precious nature in areas such as Okutama, the Izu Islands, and the Ogasawara Archipelago. Some parts of that nature have suffered damage, however, as a result of human activity such as excessive visitation. On the other hand, some areas are less well-known, and are less frequently visited or utilized.
For this reason, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is promoting "Tokyo Metropolitan Ecotourism". Ecotourism is a type of tourism, based on a set of rules for the appropriate usage of natural sites, that involves sightseeing while protecting nature.
The Island Ecotourism System was established first. Then, rules were determined in collaboration with the local government of Ogasawara, and ecotourism in the Ogasawara Islands began in April 2003.
In January 2004, we entered into an agreement with the local government of Mikurashima, and ecotourism on the island of Mikurashima began.
In addition, at an ecotourism support committee meeting, we explored new possibilities for the system and the introduction of ecotourism. To do so, we invited external experts such as Mr. C. W. Nicol and Mr. Ken Noguchi to share their opinions as committee members.

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